NAVY.ONLINE IS A CRONOS NFT GAMING PROJECT capitan-gif is an online NFT game with elements of the metaverse on the sea, in which the player on his ship explores the open world, battles with other players and computer opponents, improves his captain and can become the owner of an entire island.

We want to strike the right balance between the game and the blockchain, namely to give players an interesting gameplay part with the ability to earn real money on the NFT Marketplace, and for investors and crypto-enthusiasts to have several income options:

  1. Selling NFT collections
  2. Staking and farming (virtual mining)
  3. Royalty

Pixel-art NFT collection on the Cronos Blockchain.


Sloths go to the Navy! The world's first NFT collection with the character sloth.
The purchase of the Captains collection will be available before the launch of the game. The quantity is limited! It cannot be mined in the game and is not required for the game. Having a captain gives serious bonuses to a ship characteristics. Can be temporarily frozen (staked) for passive income.


No purchase is required to start the game! If you don't have your own NFT ship yet, we will give you a Level 1 ship for free!


It can be your own virtual real estate! Here you will be able to generate new tokens (virtual mining), improve your ship, and also receive royalties for the use of your island by other players!



Step 1

MVP development, participation in the Moralis x Cronos hackathon, release of test collections and smart contract testing.


Step 2

Core Web3 features finalization, founders collections tweaks and launching. Active community development.

Step 3

Revision of the basic mechanics and drawing of additional graphics.

Step 4

The release of Gen2 collections, the closed launch and testing of the pre-alpha version, the launch of the NVY token and the start of mining by islands.

Step 5

Launch of the public alpha version of the game. Development of new features for islands in order to develop a meta orientation.

Step 6

Listing of the NVY token on exchanges, new cooperative game modes.

Step 7

Gen3 Clan Islands and clan game mechanics with elements of the metaverse.


Can I play for free?

Yes, initial investments are not required for the game, since each player is given a free ship.

How can I earn money in the game?

You can get new NFT or tokens in the game, which can then be sold on the marketplace.
To get tokens, you need to complete daily and weekly tasks, and boss hunting can bring a new NFT!
Tokens are also issued for the first places in different leaderboards.
But the most important thing is that you can mine tokens on your island!
You can also earn passive income using the staking of your captain.

Does this project have its own token?

Yes, the project has 2 tokens. NVY - is the main token with a limited issue, AKS - is the secondary token. Both can be mined in the game and are needed to improve and repair game entities.

What are the NFTs in the game and what are they for?

There are 3 types of NFT:
1 - captain. This is your avatar, in addition to visual value, it can enhance the characteristics of an active ship or bring passive income through staking.
2 - ship. Your main attribute for playing and fighting. You can upgrade your ship with tokens earned in the game to increase the chance of winning a battle, and this also increases its value as an NFT asset.
3 - islands. This is an element of virtual real estate in our metaverse. The islands have a big visual difference between each other and give owners a lot of income through passive token mining opportunities.
Each type of NFT will be available for trading on the marketplace.

When is the launch of the public version of the game planned?

We are making every effort to launch a closed pre-alpha version in Q1 2023. Open alpha will be released 2-3 months later.

What will be the initial tokens supply?

The issue of NVY tokens will be in the amount of 400.000.000 on the Cronos blockchain. More than half of the amount of the issue of tokenomics accounts for mining in the game.
And the issue of the AKS token is not limited, since it is a secondary game token that is mined in the game and spent in large quantities.

Will you reward active community members?

Yes, we have 6% of the token issue for this, NFT rewards are also provided.

How do you plan to deal with token hyperinflation and NFT depreciation?

Both tokens are spent in large quantities to repair (ships) and improve (captains, ships and islands). NFT improvements increase the characteristics that directly affect the amount of tokens you earn.

I’m an investor. Who should I contact about investing in the project?

Send an email to [email protected]